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Courtney Wyckoff: Motherhood is an Action Sport


In this episode, Jess and Corinne talk with Courtney Wyckoff, founder of momma exercise membership site, Momma Strong.  Momma Strong helps moms find joyful movement in the midst of their mom chaos, at a reasonable cost, and when it’s convenient for them.  Here she explains her belief that “motherhood is an action sport” and why her workouts are designed for building strength from the inside out. Her central tenets of ‘showing up’ and ‘winning ugly’ keep moms coming back to heal their bodies after childbirth (and beyond).

Courtney explains how Momma Strong birthed from her own personal struggles with pain and postpartum depression. She shares how her challenges with self-care evolved into research on back pain, pelvic floors, and core strength. Learn why functional exercise is important for moms everywhere, for body and mind.  Motherhood requires a lot of our bodies, and focusing on movement to enhance our athleticism is so much more important than our appearance.

Pay attention to your core and your pelvic floor, ladies. Your body is seeking survival, listen and pay attention.

Quotable Mom-ents

“I saw that people, myself included, needed to be able to show up exactly as they were, without doing anything extra to make that happen.”

“We can’t expect women to bounce back, or get back to their careers if their pelvic floors are not integrated.

“Unfortunately we don’t train women that motherhood is an athletic venture, instead we treat it as this thing that happens that isn’t that big of a deal. The reality is on a daily basis, motherhood is extraordinarily physical.”

“Motherhood is this experience that puts the magnifying glass on any piece of our lives that might be slightly off or might triggering in some way. We can’t just give people happy-go-lucky messages.”

“Your body is not broken. Anything that is going wrong in your body is actually a part of your body seeking survival.”


Courtney Wyckoff, our guest today, momma and exercise guru

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Find Pelvic Floor PT Near You

Postpartum Support International for help now if you think you have postpartum depression or anxiety.  Don’t wait it out, reach out for help.

Listen to our show with Lindsay Stenovec from the Embodied and Well Mom Show Podcast to hear even more about the importance of pelvic floor work.


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